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For Doctors and other Medical Professionals ONLY, Online Educational Company – Now Hiring in Ukraine is a different kind of  company.
We are an online educational commercial project. 

Now we make software for learning foreign languages
and need more people because business is growing.

We often travel as a group to different international
locations because we get more done that way.

For example, when we make new German lessons,
a group will go to Germany for several months
while the new German lessons are being made



At the moment we’re looking

for medical professionals like:


1. Medical Doctor.
2. Medical Researcher.
3. Vetinarian.
4. PhD’s in Medical studies
(Physiology, Nutrition, Genetics, Biology…). 

5. Etc. 

You main job profile will be to make

sure that our staff stays healthy 🙂 

We are looking for people who are:

Between the ages of 18 and 28.


Team players who want to travel
and live in several different places.

Language Learning Enthusiasts.

Interested in a very good but unusual job.


If you want an ordinary

job, this is NOT for you!

But if You DO Want to:

Join an international software company;
Receive a competitive salary in Ukraine;
Spend 6-9 months a year living abroad;
Get 3 weeks of annual paid vacation;
Grow and develop professionally:

Then this IS for you!  

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Friday, June 19th

at 20:00 Kyiv time.




Online. You don’t need to go somewhere. You do need an internet connection.




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Language101 president Brent Van Arsdell 

personally will present all  job opportunities

answer all your questions and explain what 

you need to do next if you are interested.

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